Whether this is your first house or your tenth, understanding the financing options available to you ensures that you can make the best decisions about your home purchase.

As part of our client service program, we partner with the best lenders in the Valley. We have chosen them based on their experience in the industry, their commitment to customer care, and their LOVE for what they do. We trust them to take excellent care of our clients and look forward to referring them to you.

With a financial pre-approval, you can feel confident in knowing your price range, closing costs, and what your monthly payments will be up front. We’ll be able to narrow down our search to houses that fit your financial goals and we’ll be able to submit a qualified offer to the seller when you find THE ONE. Your lender will help you with questions regarding budgeting for the purchasing, collecting the documentation needed for the pre-approval and working through any issues that may come up along the way.

Want to play around with the numbers a bit? Use the calculator to plug in your estimates and see where it lands you! Want a little more house? A little less payment? See what difference a snip here and a snip there make!

Mortgage Calculator