A few years back, we sold Bryce a home in Mesa. In his spare time, he planned to remodel every inch from floor to ceiling - inside and out! Once his remodeling project was underway, he decided to purchase a plane to rebuild In his spare time (gosh, how much spare time does a guy have??). The home he purchased didn't have a garage, so he put the airplane in his carport. Once he finished the full remodel of his home, he was ready to start on the plane rebuild but needed a garage to work in - so he did just that...built a garage AROUND the plane!

Fast forward 2 years - Home is completely remodeled, airplane is living in the newly built garage & Bryce decided that the plane needed a bigger home, so we searched and found him the perfect home in Chandler with a 3 car garage, which he purchased and we just recently sold his totally updated Mesa home! 

This airplane move was quite the site - going down the 202 and all, but hey - you've got to do what you've got to do!

Now Bryce has the perfect place to finish his airplane project…. 

We wonder what’s next for Bryce in his spare time? We’re ready Bryce - let us know when you grow out of your 3 car garage and we’ll be happy to find you one with 4 stalls!