This is a super common question we hear from prospective sellers and we’re just glad you are ASKING QUESTIONS before choosing your Realtor because just like the snowflakes in winter, no two are alike.

The Amy Jones Group believes STRONGLY that a neighborhood expert is important and that choosing an agent who lives, works, and plays in your area is incredibly helpful in ensuring they understand the market (read: how much is my home actually worth) and the benefits of your community. 


When we work with clients in the areas we know and love the MOST, we ask that you share with us why you chose your home, your neighborhood, your community, and even your favorite restaurant. Getting a feel for what made you love your home will ensure that we tailor our marketing efforts to those that will love it too. 


In the age of online marketing, being able to share your story through words, videos, and pictures is more than helpful, it's NECESSARY, and so is our ability to tell that story to ANYONE and EVERYONE that will listen. In order to get your home sold for the highest price the market will bear and in the shortest amount of time (based on YOUR schedule), we’ve got to have a proverbial megaphone. 


But what, you say? Well, while having a hyperlocal focus ensures that your agent advertises your home to the proper clientele, there are still MANY, MANY, MANY other factors you’ll want to consider before choosing your representation. 

  1. Track Record: Did the agents selling homes in your neighborhood sell below market value in order to get multiple offers? Did they price too HIGH and then sat on the market for ages? Living in the neighborhood gives you great insight into how WELL the agents in your neighborhood are doing.  
  2. Scope: Did the agents selling homes in your neighborhood ONLY sell homes in YOUR neighborhood? With more than 2,100 transactions under our belt, we’ve got experience in MANY neighborhoods and believe that the more you see, the more you can ANTICIPATE.
  3. Visibility: Did the agents selling homes in your neighborhood market the properties ONLY to the other neighbors in YOUR neighborhood? Neighborhood specialization is good for knowledge but BAD if it is muting your megaphone.  

The Amy Jones Group has got this selling thing down with neighborhood specialization in the Southeast Valley, a proven track record of success and TONS of happy sellers willing to share their story, an online and belly to belly megaphone to tell your story, and a TEAM of agents to ensure we are there to hold your hand all the way through. 

Ready to get this show on the road? 

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