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Welcome back, readers! We launched WHAT’S UP SOUTHEAST VALLEY with the intention of giving you the real estate news you REALLY need WHEN you need it. Last month we covered the cost of waiting to purchase with rising interest rates and busted open the myth about it being cheaper to rent than to buy in the Southeast Valley.

Missed it? Check out ALL of our What's Up Southeast Valley editions for some super cool news you can use.  

Confession Time

This month, we’re going to start with a confession. We’ve been bit by the holiday bug – in a good way! And, frankly so have our clients. As soon as the temperatures start to fall (Oh, I get it now…), the kids are already on their first school break and the calendars for every city in the area are packed with more outdoor festivals, food trucks, farmers markets, and art openings than one can possibly fit into a season. 

We all start to plan ahead for Zoo Lights, make reservations for the Luminarias and find our favorite stomping grounds for hot chocolate and a delivery of man-made snow. In the Real Estate world, we also expect to start getting calls from clients wondering if in addition to it being a great time for all things pumpkin spice, if it's also a good time to make a move. Well, grab your favorite mug, and let’s talk.

The Facts

If you’ve been following along the last few months, we’ve been talking about a shortage of inventory which means less competition from your neighbors when you put the For Sale sign in your yard. This is typically one of the biggest benefits of listing during the holiday season and this year is certainly no different in the Southeast Valley.

More Facts

Interest rates are still historically low and as much as we can rely on forecasts and trends and graphs & jargon, it seems like we can pretty much bank (get it…) on at least one or two increases next year which will start to eat into the profit you plan to make from your sale or what your ability to qualify to purchase will be.

The Last of the Facts Before the Fun Stuff

The truth of the matter is that choosing when to buy or sell your home is always about weighing the benefits and drawbacks to determine if you are ready to give it a go. Here's what we know...

+ Market Conditions: We’ve got great appreciation, low interest rates, low inventory & serious buyers. Buyers & Sellers, this could be your chance.

+ Closing Times: Average days on market is still under 60 days in many Southeast Valley neighborhoods & closings are taking on average of 30-45 days. The clock is ticking!

+ / - Holiday Events: This is always the kicker. It may put a cramp in your style to make a move this time of year, but the reward may be WAY sweeter than any homemade gingerbread cookie you could whip up.

The Fun Stuff

Here’s our top tips for buyers and sellers making a move during the holidays...

  • Be Prepared: Skip the holiday lines at Target and spend a few extra minutes getting your paperwork in order for the lender. We often see faster closings this time of year, but you’ll still need to be ready to go to make it happen. The key? More Prep = Less Stress.
  • Look for Good Deals: Many service providers offer HUGE discounts on new cable, tv, and cleaning services for the holidays. Take advantage of appliance packages and other holiday cheer!
  • Save Your Receipts: Keep in mind that many moving costs including mortgage interest, property taxes, and points can be tax deductible. Looking for a way to lower that tax bill before New Years? You got it.
  • Make it Fun: Avoid the stress of making a move at the holidays by envisioning your first year in your new home. Point out the specific places to celebrate your "Firsts" as you walk through The One.

  • Clean & Stage: Avoid holiday décor until your agent has taken your professional imagery. When it's time to get festive, think less is more and complement your home décor with seasonal accents.
  • Mind the View: Use décor to call attention to great features like fire place mantles & bay windows but avoid blocking the money shot of your landscaped backyard with a window decal.
  • Be Available: Plan your schedule ahead of time so that buyers have as many opportunities to view the home while blocking off the time your family needs to enjoy the season.
  • Make It Fun: Yes, this rule applies to you too. Try giving your kids (or spouse) an incentive for keeping their room clean or putting away holiday crafts & presents for showings. You don’t want the process to be a bummer!

Ready to make the move...with bells on? We're here to help!

Take a peek at the homes we’ve got listed in the Southeast Valley and schedule an appointment to talk with us about getting yours on the list. Want to light your menorah or put on a tree-topper in a new home this year? Start the pre-approval process today and find out just how big of an entertaining space you can get! In the meantime, we'll just go ahead and assume you'll be hosting family dinner this year (wink, wink)...

September's Closing Shout Outs

#Congrats #Holla #Thanks to these hard working folks who just moved into their favorite find!

And... the same to these fun loving families who just sold one of their most valuable assets!

Hometown Happenings

Looking for something fun to do? So are we! We live, work and play in the Southeast Valley and this month we’ve got our eye on these upcoming events:

Chandler Mayor's Day of Play

Gilbert's Lakeside Luau

Chandler's Halloween Spooktacular

Gilbert's Off the Street Art & Music Festival

Queen Creek's Trunk or Treat

Save the Date: 2nd Annual Amy Jones Group Holiday Client Appreciation Event 11/19 - Details Coming Soon!

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